// Project Oblivion

**A Public Work In Progress Last Update 27 Dec 22**

A series documenting the moment in between the moments.

To often do we find ourselves caught up in our own drama – and in recent times with Social media – other peoples. I have discovered a time between the moments. Hidden away from the noise of reality. It is in this brief period people drift into Oblivion. Their thoughts focused yet in a compleate dreamland.

But how do I distinguish between a photograph of a person in thought and a person in oblivion?

Will it matter? Will the story remain the same? Will there always be a story – and if not – I may find my definition in that distinction.

Printed Ideas

  • Zine or book?
  • Image only or explanation?
  • Hand written or typed?
  • Layed out as below or an image and explaination on the same page?
  • Matt black cover, embossed gloss “Oblivion” in the top right corner of the cover.
  • or
  • Clear plastic cover with Oblivion written in white against a matt black cover – the plastic can be turned like a page – Oblivion dissapears when not set against the dark background.
  • Soft cover or Hard?
  • Pocket sized or A4 vertical?
  • 23 copies for sure! – number and sign each copy with a personal message in each.

My Work

Wallingford, Oxford 2021

Taken on a whim. I saw a bus, destined for RAF Benson, pull into a bus stop in the quaint little town of Wallingofrd – in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside.

Shot at street level, a quick sprint to the front of the bus, looking up to the top deck of this bus, allowed me to capture this image.

I believe the condensated window adds an earie dimention to the image. The obsurity of the person only adds to the effect. Oblivion personified.

The subject met my eye as I finished making this photograph. A slight smile as I lowerd my camera gave me all the confirmation I needed to recognise this would be a keeper.

China Town, London 2019

Pre pandemic photography in London’s China Town was invaluable for my street photography journey.

A verity of cultures and lifestyles allowed me to fully immerse myself – becoming almsot invisdbile amoungst the tourists.

Keeping M&M world on your right handside, walking North towards the end of China Town is a very buy kurbside reasturant – Viet Food.

It was here I discovered this moment.

Dressed in chef whites, this individual was busy focusing on the task at hand and I wondered if this almost trance like state induced healing.

Clearly lost to Oblivion, I imagine his food craft lasts as long on the tounge as this image does on my eyes.

Paddington Station 2019

A chance dash for a train, a fully packed coach and a fortuitous reflection all lead to this moment.

From where I was sat, I noticed a little boy pointing to a reflection above him. Following his tiny finger I spied what he was trying to show his unimpressed mother.

Unfortuantly, I only had my 5D Clasic DSLR with me. A large, clunky and loud camera – yet the perfect tool for the job.

I toyed in post with rotating this image 180 degrees to have the subject the right way up. But it just does not work the same way – give it a go for yourself.

Lost in the world of Oblivion – as we all are on our commute – the sound track to this image reamins forever in the subjects left ear.

Trafalgar Square, London 2019

Was there ever a more compelling point to be made for someone being utterly lost to Oblivion then being compleatly oblivious to the abslute downpour that embraced by this subject.

Whilst everyone aound darted for immediate cover, this gentleman stood there, eyes up and to his right, clearly lost to the world.

I raised my camera and poached this image. Rather than just leaving and turning myself invisible again i decided to slowly lower my camera and just watch him. I must have been there for a full 30 seconds wondering what he was contemplating in the pounding rain.

No sooner did his eyes fliker in my direction had I became invisble again, heading to the next moment.

Inspirational artists:

Saul Leiter (1923–2013) – https://www.saulleiterfoundation.org/biography

Nick Turpin (1969 – Present) – https://nickturpin.com/portfolios/on-the-night-bus/

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