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As well as showing my work, I also try my best to pass on what I know – That’s important to me.

The blog posts cover everything from how to be a street photographer and a Music Photographer, what gear I use, Lightroom editing tutorials, Masters past and present, helpful tips and tricks and everything in between.

I’m currently working on a series called Project Oblivion – a series documenting the moment in between the moments.

T h e M I n d W o n d e r s

So, follow along, have a little read, check out the YouTube videos and feel free to ask questions at the bottom of the blog posts.

Oh, and it translates to “See The Street”… in case you were wondering ✌🏼

Candid Street Photography In 2021 (How I Do It)

There are many explanations on the internet for what a candid coprises of. In my experience it’s the art of taking a photograph of a subject in their natural state, unposed and without their knowledge. Sounds creepy right? Especially the part where they don’t know you’re taking their photograph. I’ll let you into a secret…

10 Ways To Blend In – A Street Photography Guide

It follows reason that if you’re looking at someone, they will look at you. If staying inconspicuous is your aim, look straight ahead. Focus on your image. The less attention you pay to subjects around you, the less they will see you.

Street Photography: Telling A Story

Sharing stories is something that seperates us from all other intelegent species. Since the advent of photography, documenting a situation allowed events to be shown to someone who was not present at the time.

Dealing With Doubt

Your batteries are charged the lenses are clean and you’ve packed your rain coat. Then the little voice in your head starts asking questions…

What It Takes: A Beginners Guide

Social Media became an obsession for me. The likes governed my style as I move from my established environment to one that sought photographic situations which would bare the best fruit – in the form of followers…

iPhone Photography in 2021 – A DSLR Substitute?

What happens if you don’t have your DSLR, Mirrorless or Film Camera with you, and there’s a story to be captured? It is always better to have the image, to tell the story, to share the moment. So could you convincingly use your iPhone for Street Photography in 2021?

Fan Ho : China

In a world of Instagram, instant gratification and instant images, Fan Ho’s work seems a lifetime away. Very rarely do I find myself truly drawn into in image wondering how he found himself in those situations. Maybe its me, maybe trying to follow the old way is less progressive. But if photography has taught me…

10 Reasons Why You Need A Mirrorless Camera For Street Photography!

Mirrorless cameras lack – well a mirror. This missing component significantly reduces the overall footprint of the camera. A smaller camera, especially in street photography, means more manoeuvrability, easier to transport and less likely to cause any kind of confrontation with potential subjects. Overall, a smaller camera body can lead to a more discrete experience.